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  • Solutions Offered!

    Under the guidance of his mentor, the esteemed Mr. Rajeshwar Singh Chib, Sunil Rajput has emerged as a visionary force in the entrepreneurial landscape as the Founder, Director, and CEO of Kalika Placement and Education Services. His resolute commitment to achieving 100% job placement throughout Pan India underscores a determined effort to align candidates with opportunities that suit their unique profiles. This dedication extends globally, with the consultancy providing comprehensive education consultancy services.

    Guided by Sunil's astute leadership, Kalika Placement and Education Services have pioneered an innovative solution through their Test Series app, available on the Play Store at 'Kalikagroups.com'. Housing over 1500+ test series, this app becomes an indispensable tool for candidates preparing for a diverse array of Indian examinations. Sunil's forward-thinking approach, leveraging technology for educational advancement, is evident in this strategic initiative.

    Diversification marks a significant chapter in Sunil's entrepreneurial journey, as he leads the way in Kalika Garment Industry. This sector specializes in the manufacturing and supply of a diverse range of ready-made garments and uniforms, catering to men, women, kids, and sports apparel. Sunil's ability to navigate diverse market needs underscores his versatility and strategic prowess in entrepreneurship.

    A laudable aspect of Sunil's journey is his dedication to training and developing individuals from various walks of life, an initiative guided by his mentor Mr. Rajeshwar Singh Chib. Through this mentorship, Sunil has empowered over 1000 individuals, equipping them with the skills necessary to secure livelihoods. This commitment to skill development transcends the professional realm, highlighting Sunil Rajput's holistic approach to fostering both professional and personal growth within diverse communities. His multifaceted contributions exemplify a blend of innovation, social responsibility, and a keen understanding of market dynamics, positioning Sunil Rajput as a distinguished figure in the dynamic business landscape.

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  • No compromise with Quality!

    We believe that it’s not just enough to aim you must hit your target. That’s why we bring the best quality tests thoroughly designed and tested by IIT-IIM alumni.

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Get Personalized Learning Outcomes for everyone. An in-depth performance analysis, where you can know your strong and weak points, your all India rank, your state rank etc. You will also get a virtual tutor who is completely dedicated to bringing out the best in you. It will prioritize your concepts, chapters, topics, and questions through machine learning. Get this innovative learning experience only on Kalika Groups Test Series!!

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